About Us

Welcome to Crafts Judge! I’m Teresa Conway, and this site was born initially as a place to showcase the hundreds of craft projects I have created over the years for various websites and magazines. I have been creating craft projects on the Internet for 20+ years and as time passed it seemed they were spread far and wide. After creating my craft blog in 2008 and working for several other craft related sites, I kept thinking how nice it would be to have all my crafts linked from one place, as a portfolio of sorts.

It was at that moment that I realized that this could be a great resource for others. There are so many great craft ideas out there. This could be a wonderful way to feature them and put them all in one place. And so Crafts Judge was born.

At Crafts Judge, we only link to other projects; posts will not be reprinted. Therefore, crafters can feel secure in knowing that features here will mean more exposure coming their way. Visitors will enjoy a one stop shop type site that will host the best kid’s crafts around.